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Our furniture is designed with each of life’s chapters in mind. From artisan dining tables to cozy sectionals, our timeless pieces can be a part of every milestone, memory, or celebration.

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 It’s all in the details. figure

It’s all in the details.

From full-grain, aniline-dyed Italian leather to hand-tufted upholstery, we don’t skimp on the details. High quality materials separate a replaceable piece and furniture that lasts a lifetime.

Enduring style.

Our furniture layers tradition and modernity with natural textures. We take what’s best from time-tested pieces—solid materials, classic silhouettes, and hand-shaped details—and rework them for a fresh, modern home.

Certified B Corp

Every purchase makes a difference.

As a certified B Corp, giving back has always been a part of our story. For every Salt Flat purchase, you are supporting the Malouf Foundation and their mission to confront child sexual exploitation.
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